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Introduction #

If you’ve ever wondered what I’m using be it software, hardware, fonts, etc. then this page is dedicated for that 😉 Based on

Hardware #

  • MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2017, Two Thunderbolt 3 ports)
  • Logitech M337 mouse (when I feel like I want to use a mouse)
  • Redmi Note 7

Software (Desktop Apps and CLI tools) #

  • (neo)vim – a fork of vim. Currently my main $EDITOR.
  • tmux – a terminal multiplexer. I use it together with (neo)vim. Makes seamless switching from one project to another.
  • fish – a friendly iinteractive shell. My current $SHELL.
  • ripgrep – better replacement for grep. Also written in Rust.
  • fzf – an awesome fuzzy finder written in Go!
  • eza – a modern (?) replacement for ls. It’s been pretty good so far
  • bat – a cat clone that supports syntax highlighting. I also use it in combination with fzf.
  • fd – a faster alternative to find. I also use it together with fzf.
  • diff-so-fancy – provides better output when doing a git diff! - pyenv, rbenv, goenv, nvm – for managing multiple versions of python, ruby, go, and node respectively.
  • asdf – I use asdf
  • universal-ctags – for generating tags file when working on projects. Pretty fast - alacritty – an ultra fast terminal written in Rust. My current terminal (previously iTerm2). kitty – new - alfred – a better spotlight alternative. Though I haven’t purchased the pro version yet. But I like its UI, so yeah raycast – better than alfred. Plus it’s free
  • bitwarden – an open source password manager. I think I started using pw managers around October 2019.
  • kap – a screen recorder. I usually use it for recording GIFs when reporting issues to open-source projects.
  • keycastr – displays pressed keys on screen. I use it when I do live demos (which I haven’t done so far. LOL!) - rectangle – for organizing windows. Pretty sleek since I just need to press ⌘⌃← to move current window to the left, etc. I now just use raycast since it provides window management shortcuts
  • joplin – for writing random thoughts. I also used it as a habit tracker. - lulu – for blocking unknown or unwanted outgoing connections. It’s pretty helpful since it notifies me which apps needs to connect to the web.
  • karabiner-elements – for remapping caps lock to Escape when pressed alone and Control when pressed with other keys. Pretty neat!
  • brew – awesome package manager that I use to install for the above packages.

Others #

- I use Google Chrome as my main browser though I’m switching to Firefox from time to time.

  • I use Microsoft Edge because of the vertical tabs!
  • I am currently using FiraMono Nerd Font Mono SauceCode Pro font style.
  • For browser extensions I use:
    • uBlock Origin
    • Bitwarden
    • Grammarly
    • Surfingkeys – for vim keybindings while browsing
    • wasavi – for converting text areas into vim
    • Visbug – pretty neat tool for frontend development

You can also check out some of my configurations (.vimrc, .tmux.conf, etc.) in my dotfiles repository.

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